Have you thought about getting back into exercise since having your baby? Or you may be a few years post-partum and now have the time for exercise. We spoke to Danni Duncan from The Figure— she’s a fitness and nutrition coach empowering women to be fit, healthy, happy and confident without giving up the good stuff (exactly what we’re all about)! Mum of twins and a toddler, Danni helps mums navigate motherhood while looking after their own mental well-being.  


So you’ve had your Bub - you’ve got your clearance from the doctor and hopefully a women’s health physio and you’re ready to get back into moving your body.  Where to start?  Maybe you’ve already started going on walks with your new bundle of joy, but it’s not cutting it and feeling strong and confident again is on the to-do list.  

It can be, not only very confusing, but also very daunting. Whether you’ve had a vaginal delivery or a caesarean, your body is different, it’s weaker than it was and things have moved around. Knowing what you’re physically able to do early on but also what your body is capable of is key.


Setting small goals along the way is key. That way you will feel accomplished at each step you take. What is your long-term goal? Write it down - then break it down into bite size pieces. Celebrate each time you hit a milestone. Start with one to two 15-20 minute workouts a week. Stick to that for 2-3 weeks then move up slowly. Setting goals that are too big will just make you overwhelmed and you won’t stick to you. 


  • It’s a slow progress - so strap in and be patient. Consistency is key, slow and steady girlfriend. It’s not a race and doing too much too soon can have adverse affects.
  • Some exercises will need to be modified until you build up strength again.
  • Your abdominals will take the longest to build up strength again - avoid planks, push ups, any abdominal exercises that include a leg raise until you are strong enough to do these without any coning or doming happening through your core.
  • Your pelvic floor may be weaker so take your time to set up each exercise correctly. If you are struggling with pelvic floor issues - make sure you revisit your women’s health physio.
  • If you are wanting to run or do anything that includes jumping - make sure you have clearance to do so. Take it easy - if anything feels heavy or uncomfortable - stop.


The best way to ensure you are doing the right things is to join a Postpartum program. My Fit by the Figure pregnancy and postpartum workout program is the perfect way to ease back into exercise. With 12 postpartum specific workouts with three different levels - Fit by the Figure is a safe and guided program instructed by me (a master female trainer) giving you technique tips and encouragement along the way.

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Remember - always listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, hurts or you’re not sure if you’re doing it correctly - reach out and seek advice before continuing. 


Other than that - enjoy the process - moving your body is the best thing you can do for your mental health as a new mum - not only for your energy, your happy hormones you’ll release and your confidence, but for your new Bub. Knowing mum is looking after herself means you'll have more patience and be more productive and be able to enjoy your little bubble more.

Enjoy babe!

This blog was written for Rudie Nudie by Danni Duncan. Danni's Instagram is @thefigure_

You can find out more about Fit by the Figure here www.fitbythefigure.com

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