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How do the playmats work?

The Rudie Nudie playmats have a soft cotton top layer [or polyester for our Jumbo size], with a small padded layer in the middle and waterproof bottom layer. It allows for liquid to soak into the playmats [rather than forming a puddle on top], but it won’t seep through to your floor.

Which size playmat is best for me?

We have three sizes of playmats - our regular is 90x90cm, large is 130x130cm and Jumbo is 2x2m. They’re all waterproof, so all stop the mess and each one has slightly different uses:

Regular [90cm]:

• The perfect gift for a new bub!

• Great for young bubs with nappy-free playtime. This size is the quickest and easiest to wash and dry, so if you’re doing nappy-free playtime every day, it’s perfect.

• Perfect portable playmat to carry with you in the nappy/diaper bag - just wash when it gets dirty!

• Portable change mat for changes on the run or in the boot of the car.

• Great for toilet training - pop it on the couch when your little ones are first out of nappies, your couch will thank you! Or place it on top of the bottom sheet of the cot/bed. If they have an accident in the night, just remove the playmat instead of changing the whole bed.

• A great place to start for small indoor water play/sensory play set-ups.

• Keep your bottoms dry in the park when the grass is damp!

Large [130cm]:

• Also great for nappy-free playtime for bigger bubs on the move.

• Handy size for toilet training.

• Great for sensory play - get messy indoors and this will save your floors!

• Picnics in the park or at the beach.

• Beautiful playmat in your lounge or playroom.

Jumbo [2m]:

The perfect accompaniment for outdoor picnics or beach adventures.

• Jumbo floor coverage for big messy/sensory play activities indoors.*Please note that the Jumbo does take longer to dry due to its size. We recommend an extra spin cycle to make it easier

How do I use the playmats for toilet training?

The playmats are great for toilet training - pop it under the potty or sit it on the couch as they always have accidents while watching TV (they get distracted and forget to go to the toilet!).

At night time, you can also put them on top of the fitted sheet so when they have an accident you peel off the playmat rather than having to change the whole bed. 

How do I get started with sensory/messy play?

Sensory/messy play can be as simple as some cups and a saucepan filled with water. We do have a great blog post on this which you can read more here.

Are the playmats suitable for the beach?

Yes! They’re perfect as a beach mat, as they’ll protect bottoms from damp sand, but also the sand falls right off the back of the playmat, so you don’t have to take the whole beach home with you!

Are the playmats reversible?

The underside of the playmats is a black fabric, so whilst they are waterproof either way, you won’t have your pretty Rudie Nudie design on top. Some people like to do some messy play with the black side facing up, to avoid staining the other side.

What size is the Jumbo when folded?

The Jumbo comes as 39 x 30 x 15cm originally but add quite a bit once that’s roughly folded. The drawstring backpack is big enough to fit the Jumbo in with a rough fold.

Where can I purchase a playmat?

You can order right here on our website, or we have a few beautiful stockists around Australia also. Please note that our stockists only sell our regular 90cm playmats, and you can see the full list of stockists here


What are the care instructions?

• Wash before use to improve absorbency

• Cold machine wash

• Do not use fabric softener

• Do not tumble dry

• Do not iron

• Do not bleach

• Do not dry clean

We recommend a cold wash and hanging out to dry, as regular warm/hot washes and tumble drying can deteriorate the waterproof lining. 

We also recommend an extra spin cycle for our Jumbo playmats. Being absorbent, the playmats can hold quite a bit of water, but the extra spin will help reduce the dripping while drying, and help them to dry quicker.

We also recommend hanging out to dry as soon as you have used the playmat, as like anything, mould can form if it sits damp for a while, especially with the waterproof layer. If you can’t wash it straight after using, hang it up to dry until it can be washed.

I have seen others using paints, food colouring etc with their messy play. Will these stain the playmats?

Whilst our playmats tend to wash up very well most of the time, they can still stain as the top layer is cotton. Even certain brands of washable paints can stain clothes and our playmats. Just remember though that the Rudie Nudie Playmats are built to help save the mess, so it’s better that the playmat is stained, rather than your lovely carpet!

Can my playmat go in the dryer?

We don’t recommend the dryer sorry as it can cause the waterproof lining to deteriorate. They do dry very quickly hanging up though!

Will the Jumbo fit into my washing machine?

They should be fine in all sizes of machines - they weigh approximately 1.6kg without the drawstring bag, and a 7kg washing machine can hold 7kg of dry washing.

Can my playmat be wiped clean?

Whilst you can wipe off any solid substances off the top of the playmats, they are absorbent so they’re not wipeable like a plastic waterproof mat. Liquid will soak into the playmats.


What does shipping cost within Australia?

We have three flat rate options within Australia, so whether you are ordering 1 or 10 playmats, the shipping is the same:

Aramex $7.50

Australia Post Standard $9.95

Australia Post Express $14.95

*Please note that Aramex won’t show up if they don’t deliver to your area. If you are sending to a PO Box or Parcel Locker, you will need to select either option from Australia Post, as Aramex doesn't ship to PO Boxes.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes we do ship to most countries and you can see pricing optionshere

I’m trying to order online but the website says you don’t ship to my country. Help!

Please email us we will do our best to help or find alternative shipping arrangements for you to explore. We also recommend checking theAramex Shop and Shipservice, as they can be more competitive with pricing than our website. You simply place an order on our website, but use the local Australian address that Aramex provides, and they arrange delivery to your door.

What customs/taxes will I be charged if I order to my country?

Please note that any customs/taxes that your country charges you, are out of our control. We ask that you become aware of what the fees are in your country, to avoid any surprises. 

Do you have stockists overseas?

We only have our UAE distributor Tots UAE currently, otherwise we send direct to customers around the world.

Can I send a playmat as a gift?

Yes you can! At checkout, you can select the gift wrap option for $3.95. We will wrap your playmat [except for Jumbo playmats as they’re too big to wrap], and there is a place for you to include a personalised message, which we will include in a gift card. If you leave the card message blank, we will just send you a blank gift card for you to fill in. We never include invoices in any of our orders [saving trees!], so the recipient won’t know how generous you actually are!


Do you offer returns?

If you change your mind about your playmat order, please notify us within 7 days of receiving it.

A refund or exchange will be issued if the mat and packaging are returned in their original condition that they were sent.

Please keep your tracking details as proof of return. The cost for return shipping will be at the cost of the purchaser.

Can I exchange my playmat for another design?

If the playmat is returned in original condition, then we can issue an exchange for another design when it's returned. Once your playmat is received, we will also send you an invoice for Shipping via Australia Post for $9.95 (for domestic deliveries) and if you’ve decided to exchange for a larger size, we can invoice you for the difference. 

Is my playmat under warranty?

Whilst it is rare, occasionally we do see the odd minor fault in our playmats. Please notify us immediately if this happens at Please include pictures and an explanation of the fault. We offer 12 months cover for any faults. 

Please note that any damage due to wear and tear such as loose or snagged stitching, pilling, colour run from other items in the wash or mould, will not be covered.

Will my playmat stay waterproof?

If you follow the correct care instructions, the playmats will remain waterproof. Hot washes and tumble drying can cause the waterproof layer to deteriorate. We guarantee the waterproof layer for 6 months.


Can I pay using a gift voucher AND apply a discount code that I have?

Unfortunately not. Our system, just like other online retailers, doesn’t allow this.

Can you provide me with a Tax Invoice?

Yes we can, please contact and we can organise one for you.

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