This is Rudie Nudie Designs

There was once a new mum…

In 2013, I was a new mum with a brand-new bub. There was plenty of talk about feeding and sleep, but when it came to tummy-time and physical development, I really was starting from scratch. Luckily I had a great maternal health nurse who recommended that I fit in some nappy-free tummy time when my daughter wasn’t too keen to hang out on her tummy. Off came the nappy and she loved it! The maternal health nurse explained that it helps to build neck and back strength and range of movement, providing increased sensory stimulation, and reducing nappy rash. 

What about the mess?!

We all know how messy nappy-free playtime can be, so after trying all sorts of set ups, I realised there needed to be a simpler option: what if there was a machine washable, totally waterproof playmat? Genius! And from there, the unique Rudie Nudie Waterproof Playmat was born. From our first prototype, it made my life so much easier, and I hoped it would make a world of difference to other parents..

From little things, big things grow

Since launching in 2018, the Rudie Nudie family of products has grown to three different sizes and eight designs. We quickly realised that waterproof and washable playmats have an endless list of uses. Our regular size playmats are great for nappy-free playtime and toilet training, the large size is perfect for sensory/messy play and families absolutely love our jumbo picnic rugs for beach time, park plays and picnics.

We’ve been extremely lucky to collaborate with amazing artists over the years to create bright, colourful and playful designs to bring into our products. We know how important visual stimulation is for children – but that mums and dads want to use beautifully designed products too!  

I hope our gorgeous Rudie Nudie playmats and picnic rugs can not only take the hard work out of your nappy-free time and messy play, but grow with your family to get you through all of life’s mess and fun – like they have with mine.

Love Jacqui xo

Rudie Nudie is

A proud sponsor of St Kilda Mums

There is an option to donate at checkout on our website, but please reach out to St Kilda Mums if you have any pre-loved baby items that you would like to re-home.