Messy Play in March back! Get ready for a splash of creativity and a tonne of fun because March is officially the month of celebrating all things messy play at Rudie Nudie! We are so excited to be teaming up with our friends from Curious Columbus for this year’s Instagram Play Challenge “Messy Play in March” and we want YOU to be a part of the messy magic, too.

What’s Messy Play in March, you ask? It’s a month-long celebration of all things sensory play and creativity with weekly prizes up for grabs! We’re calling on our amazing community to share their most imaginative, messy play activities on Instagram throughout March. Whether it’s finger painting, slime adventures or explorations in coloured rice, we want to see your little ones (and big ones too!) getting messy and having a blast.

No Rudie Nudie playmat? No problem! You can still join our Play Challenge without one. To make your playtime more fun and stress-free though, we are offering a 20% off storewide! Don’t miss out on this special offer an
d take the stress and fuss out of messy play with a Rudie Nudie playmat.

How to join the messy fun:
1. Follow us and Curious Columbus on Instagram here and here
2. Post your messy play activities on your Instagram feed (you don’t need a Rudie Nudie playmat to enter!)
3. Tag us and Curious Columbus (@rudienudie_designs @curious_columbus)
4. Use our hashtag #RudieNudieMessyPlayInMarch

Weekly Prizes:
We’ve got weekly Rudie Nudie prizes for the most creative and messy setups, and a grand prize from Rudie Nudie and Curious Columbs at the end of March for the overall winner!

Week 1
: 1 x Large Playmat [the perfect messy play accompaniment]
Week 2: 1 x Regular Playmat + 3 wet bags [Pop Pip Pow is back in stock by the way!]
Week 3: 1 x Picnic Backpack
Week 4: 1 x Rock Candy Picnic Rug [because they're back in stock!]
Final prize at the end for $200

We will announce each winner on Friday nights and then the final winner early April.

Why Messy Play?
At Rudie Nudie, we understand the importance of fostering creativity and sensory exploration. That’s why our waterproof and washable playmats are the perfect companion for messy play adventures. Sensory play offers a multitude of benefits including cognitive development, fine motor skills, language development, social skills, emotional expression, sensory integration, along with fostering curiosity and exploration. Gather your little ones and join us in celebrating Messy Play in March! We can't wait to see your messy masterpieces on Instagram - let the Messy Play fun begin!