Where can I start with sensory play? With Anna from @play.learn.flourish

March 21, 2021

Where can I start with sensory play? With Anna from @play.learn.flourish

As part of our #rudienudiemessyplayinmarch campaign, we asked Anna to share her favourite messy play activity. Remember to share your messy play ideas by using the hashtag, for your chance to win your very own Rudie Nudie mat.

As adults, we use our senses to explore the world, make decisions and access vital information every minute of everyday. Therefore, it is important that we offer babies and young children opportunities to explore their senses so they can learn and develop their brain.

Where can I start? Simple – this is as easy as adding a sensory base and tools to a container. What you use will depend on age, but there is such a great range of sensory bases available, including kinetic sand, pasta, rice, water beads, dried beans and pulses and much more. Why not add a packet of rice, a few measuring cups, spoons and empty bottles and watch your toddler pour, scoop and transfer. They are developing their senses and building their fine motor skills!

A favourite of ours is edible mud! Being edible, it is suitable for toddlers, but also babies that are mouthing everything. It provides hours of entertainment. Here is our recipe (beware, it's messy! Your Rudie Nudie play mat is perfect for this one!):

  1. Mix 1 cup flour and 1 cup cocoa together
  2. Mix in water until it forms the desired consistency
  3. Pour into a plastic container or tray
  4. Add toys – diggers, cars, figurines are all great!
  5. I also add a separate tub or container of water and a scrubbing brush so the toys can be washed!


Anna (@play.learn.flourish)

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