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Pop Pip POW [Jumbo]
Georgina Richards
Love, love, love this Rudie Nudie

It is comfortable, easy to wash and makes me happy every time we use it. Would highly recommend!

Perfect for little people and messy eaters.

After the first use we covered this rug in baby food and drinks after a well deserved picnic.
It was so easy to wash and dry! The colour/ pattern is so pretty too it’s like having artwork at your picnic. Would highly recommend!

Pop Pip POW [Jumbo]
Jessica Ellis
Great playmat

I love the size of the jumbo mat. The patterns are bright and happy too. Super effective waterproofing. Absolutely recommend

Terrific fabric and colours

Lovely bright mat well made though I thought it would be thicker or padded

Hola Mamacita [Large]
Josephine Moa
Perfect for Play

My daughter absolutely loves her Hola Mamacita mat. We’ve used it in the backyard, during nappy free time and we especially love taking it out for picnics. It’s the perfect size for the whole family.

Awesome rug

Perfect for my little one to lay on while my toddler runs around outside.

Pop Pip POW [Large]
Sara Thomas

Pop Pip POW [Large]

Part of the family!

This blanket is amazing! Perfect size for our lounge and Macy loves wriggling around on it. There is no sign of the blood, wee, poop, marmite, spit up, and dirt it’s had on it in just the first 3 weeks! This will be with us for a long time and will be well used. Also love the art, Macy keeps trying to grab it haha

It’s become an everyday staple in our house!

I umm’ed and ahh’ed over which size mat to buy but decided to buy the size we would need for 95% of the time - the large. It’s perfect. Everyday, I lay it on our wooden floor for my girl to play on. Since this arrived, we’ve stopped using the play gym, and now my daughter is rolling about. The Mat is great for picnics at the park too.

Hola Mamacita [Large]
Christie (Akehurst) Veen
Love this mat!

This mat is great, the design is really bright and fun so my kids love it. I love the fact this mat can be put in the washing machine and it dries so fast I can wash it then it dries overnight ready to use the next day. I take it everywhere with us!

Pop Pip POW [Jumbo]
Joanna Alajajian
Love Nudie Rudie

Love, love, love my Nudie Rudie Mat. We had the small size for our daughter and when the family size was brought out in perfect time for the birth of our son who could resist. Great for the park, nappy free time and most importantly the beach. Great quality, vibrant designs and portable. Highly recommend.

Great mat for indoors

Love this product! I also have the regular size in Pip Pop POW design. This size is great for indoors. I have the extra large for picnics and other outdoor play.

Gorgeous mat

I absolutely love the quality of the mat! Our baby is loving the colours as well. 🙂 Such a gorgeous mat and worth every $. It washes so well! When we first used the mat as a picnic blanket we had a few accidents leaving a number of stains all over it and I was so nervous thinking that we destroyed it, but after washing it as per the instructions, it came out as brand new with every single stain gone. 🤩🥳
It’s amazing when you buy something this beautiful and its quality is actually fantastic! You’re definitely not paying just for the gorgeous print but great quality too!

So handy, we take it everywhere

Great mat for play at home, at other places, in the park and nappy free time. Washes well and drys very quickly for a water proof material.

Love the jumbo size

Have used this practically every day since purchasing. Beautiful feel, bright design, easy to wash and love how it is large enough to comfortably fit multiple adults alongside the babies. I also really appreciate how you don't need a degree in origami to get it to fit back into the carry bag!

Great quality and fun print!

I purchased the jumbo Pop Pip POW and am very happy. We are a fam of three humans and one fur baby and the size is perfect. The print is vibrant and fun and it's something I can see we will have for a long time and love. The quality is great and I love the drawstring bag that it comes in. It's easy to fold up and store away. Ten out of ten recommend!

Pop Pip POW [Large]
Vivien Orzel
Gorgeous bright mat

Not only have I bought a couple of these mats for presents but recommended them as great gifts. Highly recommend. Quick delivery to WA aswell

Flamingo-A-Go-Go [Jumbo]
Elise Rimington

It’s fabulous. Size, weight and design make for a comfortable outdoor experience. Due to the size of the mat, I’d love the option to purchase a more user friendly carry bag. I’ve converted the rope to a backpack style and they’re just a little short and not so comfortable on the shoulders. Very minor feedback and would be a great option as your prints are spectacular!


Stunning design, exceptional quality & good size

Pop Pip POW [Large]
Ashlee Van brandwyk

I use this inside for nappy free time, at the park as a rug, on the beach and it repels sand, it’s so useful and versatile. The pattern is beautiful and it washes really well and dries quickly. Most of my mother’s group has one now!

Love this play mat!

Bought the large play mat and we are loving it! Was bigger than I expected it to be which is great now that Miss 3 months is rolling everywhere. Our old play mat wasn’t big enough to spend heaps of time on. Easy to wash and love that the bottom layer is waterproof so it’s saving my carpet! Can’t wait to use for messy play with our toddler :)

A fantastic playmat/picnic rug

I get complimented on this mat every time I use it! It comes in a super soft fabric, perfect for kids and adults alike. The design is vibrant and fun. The mat is super spacious, perfect for backyard picnics and beach days. A must have for families big and small!

Love it!

We love our mat. It’s huge, which is great when with friends because everyone fits on the same mat. Perhaps my fav thing is that the bag is big enough that you don’t have to know origami to fit it back in! Would def recommend.

Fashionably practical

We love our Rudie Nudie play mat!! It’s beautiful but also practical as it’s water proof. The material is delightfully soft and easy to wash. We use our large mat every day for nappy free time, as a portable playmat, or a picnic blanket. Thanks Rudie Nudie for such an excellent product!

Whimsical Wonder [Large]
Chelsea Harrington
Absolutely stunning

Such a beautiful design and the perfect size to act as a 'snack mat' for indoor picnics (a quick shake outside and it's ready to go again), an indoor and outdoor messy play mat and picnic rug.

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