I don’t know about your child, but mine likes to eat EVERYTHING. So, to give this mumma peace of mind, I prefer to use edible bases for my sensory play. Water is fun and great but what if you want a little extra? Here are my top 5 edible sensory plays -


Simply add 1 and ½ cups of water to ¼ cup of chia seeds, wait at least one hour and bam you are ready to play. Take note the chia does tend to stick to everything so this is best in a nappy and some old clothes for easy disposal/cleaning. We like to add kitchen utensils, scoops and silicone muffin trays to ours. Hello, adorable cupcake making station. 


Possibly the most adaptable edible play base as it comes in so many varieties. You can buy the pasta that best suits the theme you have in mind. For example, if you’re doing a nature theme you could get bow pasta to represent butterflies or if you’re doing a beach theme you can use shell pasta as shells. When children are older pasta can be used straight from the bag but for little mouths it’s best to cook prior to play.  

Cook the pasta or spaghetti of your choice, rinse over with cold water, add your desired amount to a zip lock bag with a couple drops of food colouring and shake to combine. Now you’re ready to prepare a cute little invitation to play. 


This one requires a little forethought. You will need to make the Jelly at night and put in the fridge to set for the next day’s play. I suggest choosing a theme or colour to help you execute this one. For example, if you choose ‘Under the Sea’ as a theme that tells me the jelly will be blue and I need to collect all the sea creatures from the play area. 


Choose your cereal of choice, we like rice bubbles at our house, and crush to a size you feel comfortable with for your child. We are now at the stage we use rice bubbles whole but when using Weetabix, for example, we still crush up. I find cereal fabulous for small world play; think fairy garden, the three little pigs, miniature excavation site. This is also a brilliant way to use up out of date cereal. 


Be warned there is a smell but the amount of fun your child will have totally makes up for it. Pour the liquid of 2 tins of chickpeas in a bowl and combine with 1 tablespoon cream of tartar and a couple drops of food colouring. Blend all ingredients on high until firm and there you have it. This is a fun one to add animals to and have a little washing station. 

I hope these have given you inspiration for your next play adventure. Don’t forget to put your Rudie Nudie mat out underneath to make for an easy clean up :) 

Happy play time! 

x Kara @colourmekara 

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