Chickpea Foam

May 19, 2021

Chickpea Foam

Being a teacher and now mum, I absolutely love play as there are so many benefits. In particular, I love sensory play! 

We love all sorts of sensory play, some of our favourite bases are water, rice, breakfast cereals, playdough, jelly and chickpea foam. Chickpea foam has an incredible texture and is completely taste safe, which I consider so important when setting up play for little people.



  • liquid from 1 drained tin of chickpeas
  • 1 tsp cream of tartar
  • A few drops of food colouring


  • Combine ingredients and mix with an electric mixer on high until thick foam appears (think meringue style hold)
  • Spread into your play tray or bowl, add some props and have fun!

My tips for sensory play:

— set it up in a semi contained space (corner of a room, on a specific mat area or better yet outside)

- using a Rudie Nudie mat underneath helps to pick up things easily afterwards and creates a space for play, which helps to visually show where we play (we don’t walk off with playdough from here etc)

- to set up a super simple sensory play you just need a base, some bowls or trays (we love salad bowls) and something to scoop/pour/stir with (it can be straight out of your kitchen drawer), added props are a bonus!

- have a towel/wipes nearby depending what kind of play you’re doing

- a stick vacuum is super handy for quick clean up of dry fallen pieces

- a waterproof mat like @rudienudie_designs will save you so much clean up by absorbing liquid and reducing overall spread of mess!


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