This month, Joy from has created the most magical and thought out advent calendar for you all, including printables, different recipes and ideas. See her story below, then keep scrolling to the end to find the link to everything you will need to get started.

As the stores start filling with chocolate advent calendars that last a moment, we wanted to offer an alternative this year; a month of family friendly activities that can build lasting memories. It's a fun way to slow down during what is often the busiest time of the year to spend quality time together, connecting and making memories.

I started this tradition with my daughter last Christmas, when she was just 16 months old. Even at that young age there was so much excitement around it. Each morning she would point to the calendar wanting to see what was waiting for her that day. It really started my love for play and ultimately led to me starting our play account.

Now, I know to some, this might sound daunting, so I really wanted to take some of the effort out of it for you, which is why I have prepared a printable document that includes everything you need to get started. There's over 30 activity cards that you can choose from, some recipes and ideas as well as printable number tags so you can DIY your own advent calendar if you don't already own one.

The activities fall under the following categories:

  • Low prep - for those big days where you've got a lot on and not much time
  • Craft - think cards, wrapping paper, decorations
  • Sensory Play - playdough, ice, fizzy play and more
  • Baking - yummy treats for the family
  • Pay it Forward - we've included some ideas for Random Acts of Kindness to share the joy of giving
  • Outdoor - think carols, lights and picnics.  

The activities and ideas are just prompts. Your play doesn't need to be insta-worthy. You do what works for your family, with a focus on connection and fun. I hope you enjoy this and it becomes the start of a beautiful family tradition. Please feel free to tag me in your posts and stories (send a screenshot if private). I'd love to see how this is being enjoyed by your family.

Have a merry Christmas,  

Click HERE to get started!

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