After watching the devastation of the NSW and QLD bushfires, I felt like there must be a way to be able to join forces and to make good use of social media to help the victims.

So, I’ve decided to create an Instagram fundraiser with auctions on a range of products/vouchers donated by businesses. I would love it if you would be willing to support the cause. All you need to do is donate a product or gift voucher from your business, plus cover the cost of postage [if it’s a product] to send it to the auction winner.

I have created an Instagram page to run the auctions on - and each post will show a product/voucher up for auction. You can see the auction rules on that page.

Once the auction finishes on December 2, we will check that they have paid via Go Fund Me and will let you know so that you can send them your item.

Please confirm your donation by Friday, November 22, and I will create a post for you.

Starting bids will be 50% of the RRP, just to make sure it’s worth giving the item away. All proceeds of the auctions will be donated to GIVIT. They use 100% of the funds to purchase essential items for victims of the NSW + QLD bushfires and it was the best way I could find to get the money direct to the crisis. You can learn more about them here -

You can see an example of a previous Instagram auction, which Issy from @seriouslymilestones created here -

November 17 - 22 - recruitment of businesses phase [all info required by Fri Nov 22
Monday, November 25 - Auctions go live at 7pm
Monday, December 2 - Auctions close at 9pm

Next steps:
- DM [@social_for_goodness] or email [] your donation to me with Item name, description for post and RRP.
- Send a DM to @social_for_goodness with a link to an image on your Instagram that you would like to use for your post
- After December 2, send the item to the winner, once we confirm that they have paid via confirm with a DM to @social_for_goodness once you have sent it. 

To promote the auctions:
- Please like the @social_for_goodness account
- If you know of other businesses that might be interested in joining the cause, please send them the details [the more the merrier!]
- Once the auctions are live on Nov 25, please share on your socials [at least  stories please ]
- Please also share with any influencers that you are involved with and ask them to share on their socials

Thanks enormously for being involved! It’s really exciting that we can make a difference to those in need.

Jacqui x